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All Home Warranties Are Not Equal

Pride Home Warranty of Deleware is NOT affiliated with Pride Air Conditioning & Appliance, Inc. of South Florida. Some of our customers are getting confused and finding the wrong Pride Home Warranty Company online when searching for Home Warranties. IN fact, one...

Humidistat Operation Help

Question: Why should you have a humidistat In South Florida? Answer: You want to save money on your electric bill and you’re a snow bird. If you live in beautiful South Florida year round you don’t need a humidistat but if you have one keep it in the ”On”*...

How to Avoid Scams When Getting Your Air Conditioner Repaired

First I want to say not all air conditioning companies are bad and trying to scam you out of money. In my experience, I have met some very good business owners who try to do the right thing. 1st: Who is coming to your home? Make sure the company does background checks...