Handy Tips

1. Question: You have a humidistat and a thermostat and the A/C is not working?

Ans . Okay, maybe you just got back in town from up north and the A/C is giving you trouble. No problem, make sure the 
humidistat (has one round dial) is in the “On” setting.  Now lower the thermostat and put it on auto.Wait 5 minutes; if nothing happens, check circuit breakers.  If still nothing, Replace the batteries if you have a digital thermostat. If still not working call for a technician.

2. Question: You have digital thermostat and the screen is blank?

Ans . Okay first look for the instructions for the thermostat.  If you can’t find them locate the name and look up the thermostat 
online for a manual.  Chances are the batteries are bad and need to be replaced.  The batteries can be tricky to find. Sometimes you have to separate the front from the back to get access to the batteries. Other times the batteries are in a front door that opens for batteries.

3. Question: Your air conditioner goes on and off several times then stops blowing cold?

Ans . Your air conditioning system most likely has an overflow device (float switch) to stop the machine when the drain line is clogged.  This device is designed to prevent water damage due to clogged drain lines.  Look on your air handler (the piece of equipment inside your home) You may notice a sticker indicating a float switch device installed.  You may also notice a white PVC fitting coming out of your unit with two wires coming out.  (See picture) You should turn the unit off right away. When the unit goes on and off the compressor outside is turning on and off. This is not good for the compressor and can cause serious problems. You need to clear the drain line. If you have a clean out installed, try a wet vacuum or go outside and hook up a wet vac for several minutes.  Also pour some vinegar and water down the line.  Bleach works better but can be corrosive if it goes directly into the unit’s drain pan.

4. Question: You have ice in the air handler and around the evaporator coil?

Ans . Ice on the evaporator or the inside piece (air handler) is an indication of two possible problems. You either are blocking air
flow across the coil or your system is low on Freon.  One of the most common problems that can be fixed by a homeowner is checking your air filter.  A blocked air filter will restrict air flow to the air handler.  A blocked coil/ filter will cause the coil to get too cold and freeze the air around the coil.  The worst case is when the actual evaporator coil becomes impacted with dirt.  The coil will have to be pulled out and cleaned by a certified technician.  To avoid high costly repairs always use a good quality filter and change them every 30-90 days pending use and type of filter.  Just a note:  once the coil is completely defrosted you could run the unit temporary and sparingly.   A blocked/dirty coil or filter can lead to compressor failure.

5. Question: Air Conditioner is leaking water?

Ans .  This is another common problem.   If you don’t own a wet vacuum get one.  You could possible fix your own air conditioning leaking problem. Most of the time algae has clogged your drain line.  Without chemically treating the drain line you will most likely have an algae build up.  The first thing you will need is an access point to hook up your wet vacuum.  If you have a clear hose fasten with metal clamps then undue the clamps and separate the clear hose.  (Note: have a bucket to catch the water that will come out once the hose is opened)  Connect your wet vacuum to each side of the disconnected PVC. One side towards the air handler and the other towards the drain.  Wrap a small towel around the vacuum’s hose to create a good suction.  Leave vacuum on for about 3 minutes.  Then, pour vinegar or beach down the drain to help kill any algae.  If you are unable to access drain line next to the air handler then go outside to where the drain leaves your home.  You can hook up your wet vacuum outside and have it vacuum out the algae.  Remember to always where plastic gloves when working with bleach.

There is a new product we like to have installed on the drain line.  This all access drain clean out is perfect for pouring chemicals and wet vacuuming drains on both sides.

6. Question: How to verify your air conditioning is working in a proper range?

If you are looking for a basic test to determine whether your air conditioning is cooling in a proper range then you must read this.
  First you will need a thermometer with a probe.  The type you would use to check food temperature.  Next, you will need to measure two temperatures. Place your thermometer where you put the filter, wait a few minutes and write down the temperature

1.  Now insert your thermometer in the plenum duct right above the air handler and wait a few minutes this is temperature 2. See Diagram:   Now subtract the Temperature 1 from Temperature 2 and write the number down. If your range is between 16-20 degrees you’re a/c is working In a good range.  If temperature difference is greater than 21 degrees you may have a dirty coil or filter. If the temperature difference is less than 15 degrees, you may be low on Freon.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the information provided herein is to educate the consumer and is not intended to replace a professional technician for servicing your AC equipment. Pride AC is not responsible for damage or injury resulting from use of information provided.  Call Pride AC for service 1-800-233-6988

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