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First I want to say not all air conditioning companies are bad and trying to scam you out of money. In my experience, I have met some very good business owners
who try to do the right thing.

1st: Who is coming to your home?

Make sure the company does background checks and is a drug free work place.

Some companies take chances with their employees and that could put you at risk. This information should be posted on their web site.

2nd: How does the technician get paid?

If a technician gets paid by commission, then you are at risk of being overcharged.

The more the technician sells the more he makes. Some techs make a shopping list of ”must need repairs”. All this is to increase their pay or lead you to replace the equipment.

Watch for advertising that has very low offers. These ads are designed to get a salesperson into your home to begin making a shopping list of repairs. If you’re not sure, get a second opinion from another company.

The technician should give you an honest evaluation on what must be repaired to make the unit work. The technician can make suggestions on what could improve the efficiency and reliability. However, these options should be your decision and not forced on a consumer.


3rd: The technician says you have a leak:

The cost of Freon gas has increased in the last two years. An air conditioner should not need Freon unless you have a leak. If a technician says you are low on Freon, make sure you ask ”where is the leak coming from ?” Also, if he is charging you for Freon get an estimate on how much it will cost before the technician adds it to the system. The Freon should be weighed as it is put in the system with a scale to get the accurate amount used.

Additional Tips:

Evaporator coil cleanings are not always needed. A coil may have surface dirt on the evaporator coil but may not need to be pulled out and cleaned. The cost to clean an evaporator coil could be $300 to $600 depending on who you call. If it’s not leaking water ask them what is the temperature difference across the evaporator coil (indoor unit).

He will look at you like you know his language. The temperature difference should be between 16-20 degrees. If it’s 22 or higher you may need a good cleaning.

If you have a question or want an honest expert opinion click the link below:

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